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  1. Biographical Information | Law School Plan

    […] What you’ll notice right away is all of these have to do with negative things. That’s what they all want to know. And the biggest thing here is disclose, disclose, disclose. You want to be as truthful as possible; you don’t want to “fudge” the truth, not even in the slightest bit. The second thing you need to be aware of, aside from being as “disclosure-friendly” as possible, is that these are the questions that will eventually lead to addendums, and that’s what we’ll talk about a little later on in this session [See video 8 of 9, "Addenda"]. […]

  2. Law School Admissions: Personal Statement | Law School Plan

    […] There’s a very specific name for explanations of the negatives in an application, and that is “addenda” [See video 8 of […]